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Water Pumps

SPC Series Coolant Pumps

50Hz - 60Hz


The SPC coolant pump is co-axial pump/motor design to processing-material cooling device such as milling, drilling, cutting, grinding these widely machine tools, it is suitable to deliver coolant, light oil and all kind non-aggressive liquids.

Pump Construction :

The pump is one-chamber vertical centrifugal pump, co-axial pump/ motor design, impellers mounted on extended motor shaft.


  • Frequency:50 / 60 Hz
  • Insulation Class:F class
  • Enclosure Protection Class:IP 54
  • Nominal Speed:2900 / 3500 RPM
  • Standard Voltages: 30 60Hz:220-255V / 380-440V --- 30 50Hz:220-240V / 380-415V

Operation Conditions :

  • Liquid Temperature Range:+0°C - +90°C
  • Ambient Temperature:Max. +40°C
  • Operating Pressure:Max. 10kg/cm2
  • Liquid viscosity: 1-32 cSt